Finished Shoes

Finished Shoes

With acquisitions of experienced and competent members, we are now expanding into production of finished shoes. Through this, we are now in the position to offer end-to-end finished shoe manufacturing line, from development, sample making, material sourcing, shoe production, packing and delivery.

Key Facts:

- Two Assembly conveyors, capacity up to 3.000 pairs per day

- Shoe lasting, heel lasting, universal press, side press, backpart moulding, blind stich machine.

- More than 200 sewing machines, currently consisting of 4 sewing lines.

- Shoe development and pattern.

- Products: Sport, vulcanized, safety shoes, and sandals.



Stitching Lines


Currently we have 4 sewing lines operational with capacity of 3.000 pairs per day.


We have one needles, two needles sewing machines, stroble and embroidery machines.




Vulcanized Autoclave


We have two Vulcanized Autoclave tanks, with the capacity of 3.000 pairs per day.


The Autoclave tanks are used for our vulcanized shoes products with rubber foxing and rubber outsole.



Assembly Line


We have in total two assembly / stock-fit lines with two levels. The assembly lines consists of assembly conveyors, eyelet attaching machine, universal press, side press, up-down press, backpart moulding, heel-last and toe-last machines.





Knit upper shoe


A sample shoe with knitted upper with IP Outsole and shoe laces. Along with soft foam colar and mesh linings.








Vulcanized Shoe


A sample shoe with canvas upper, metal eyelets, and rubber foxing, toe cap, outsole assemblies using vulcanized process within an autoclave tank.





Safety Shoe


A sample shoe with leather upper, soft foam colar, mesh linings, metal eyelets, steeo-toe cap, and PU Outsole. The safety shoe complies to SNI Safety Shoe Standard.

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