EVA Compression

EVA Compression


We have expanded into EVA Injection production since 2023. EVA compression products is now widely used for high quality shoe midsoles and outsoles because of their benefits of lightness, sdurability, and wide range of hardness and customizable colours. EVA Compression soles has been used for major sport shoes brands.


Additionally to our EVA Compression facilities we coorporate painting and UV facilities for stock fit and cosmetic features.


Key Facts


- Machines: 1 unit EVA CMP and 1 unit of Hot-Cold press machine.


- Capacity: 2.000 pairs / day


- Supporting services: UV Ray, hand painting, spray, buffing, rapid drying


- Products: Midsole, outsole





EVA Compression Factory


Wihtin our second factory, we store all our EVA compression machines, supporting machine warehouse, development center and laboratory.




EVA Hot-Cold Press Machine



After Pre-Foam is completed, the part are to be pressed using Hot-Cold Press Machine into it's final form, EVA Phylon. EVA compression phylon is very light, have very consistent hardness and length. Ideal for Midsole / Outsole

EVA Pre-Foam Machine


This machine is the first step in producing EVA Pre-Foam. This machine has high throughput capacity, with wide mould plate dimension in order to supports moulds with high number of cavities.