EVA Injection

EVA Injection


We have expanded into EVA Injection production since 2011. EVA Injection products is now widely used for shoe midsoles and outsoles because of their benefits of lightness, durability, and wide range of hardness and customizable colours. All major sport shoes brand heavily incorporate EVA Injection into their shoe products.


Additionally to our EVA injection facilities we coorporate painting and UV facilities for stock fit and cosmetic features.


Key Facts


- Machines: 7 units EVA Injection machine


- Capacity: 10.000 pairs / day (1 mould 1 pair), 20.000 pairs / day (1 mould 2 pairs)


- Supporting services: UV Ray, hand painting, spray, buffing


- Products: Midsole, outsole, sandals, clog shoes





EVA Injection Factory


Wihtin our second factory, we store all our EVA injection machines, supporting machine warehouse, development center and laboratory.




Stabilizing Conveyor



To support all our EVA Injection machines, we provide the latest technology of 2 levels and 5 chambers stabilizing conveyors to ensure optimal shrinkage control.



EVA Injection Machine


This EVA Injection Machine have a capacity of 12 moulds and 2 injectors.


It can inject up to 2 colours at the same time.



Specs Dual Density Standal



An example of our sandal products. Specs sandal model Komodo is a dual density sandal, wih softer and more comfortable upper material, and harder and robuster lower material.